dental implant centre and training institute

statement of purpose

LOCATION : Aberdeen Dental & Implant Centre

1-3 Church street, Aberdeen,
 07561 851 507


Aberdeen Dental and Implant Centre (ADIMPLANT.COM LTD T/A) is a company registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission for providing General and Implant dentistry at 1-3 Church street, Aberdeen, Aberdeen RG109DN.

Anyone can apply to us for the provision of services (i.e. whole population). Patients can be accepted for general dental services or for Implant Dentistry services or both. In addition to dental services, we advanced dental implant procedures and ensure that the quality of our services and promotion of patient safety is reflected throughout the practice.

1.Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

  • We provide a high quality and range of dental services to the whole community, including consultations, x-rays, routine restorative treatments such as fillings, endodontics, treatment of periodontal disease, Implant Dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic work such as veneers.
  • We offer all of our patients a friendly, honest and professional service.
  • We ensure that we fully explain the diagnosis to patients in detail, throughout their journey, specifically with regards to their treatment options, the associated costs, benefits and risks.
  • We ensure that we keep patient’s well informed and provide excellent follow up care throughout each stage of their treatment, allowing patients to ask questions where needed and obtain informed and valid consent throughout.
  • We pride ourselves in having a global approach to treatment planning, promoting excellent oral health and offering a preventative dental service to all patients that attend our clinic.
  • We ensure that all members of our team have the right skills and training to carry out their duties competently and with confidence.

2. Surgical procedures

  • We ensure that we provide detailed information and explanations to patients where a surgical procedure is required. The information will include the treatment options, risks, benefits, procedure details, outcomes and follow up care.
  • We obtain Informed and valid consent for all surgical and Implant procedures carried out at the practice.
  • We monitor patient progress throughout each treatment plan to ensure that risks are minimised, and patient safety and treatment outcome is optimal.

3. Diagnostic and screening procedures

  • We strive to accommodate our patients as best we can for the scheduling of appointments. These appointments include consultations, reviews, procedure appointments and follow up care.
  • We have dedicated slots throughout the day to accommodate for short notice emergency appointments for the whole population.
  • We ensure that all equipment used to aid diagnostics, such as x-ray equipment are properly maintained, and staff are appropriately trained to use them.
  • We provide a comprehensive consultation service for all our patients. During this appointment we carry out a thorough examination of the patient’s medical history, dental history, desires and concerns. We ensure that there is adequate time to diagnose, advise on treatment options and discuss the relevant risks, benefits and outcomes.

Summary of aims:

  • We aim to provide a comprehensive service to the whole population without discrimination.
  • We use good quality modern materials and approved techniques.
  • Whilst not always possible, we aim to see patients on time and keep them informed if we are running late. Where appropriate and without breaching confidentiality we offer an explanation.
  • We endeavour to spend sufficient time with our patients.
  • We believe that we are transparent with our patients and encourage an honest patient feedback policy. We ensure that each patient is given an opportunity to suggest where we can improve our services at each stage of their treatment and journey with us.

Statement on Practice Cleanliness and Infection Control Procedures

Your safety is of paramount importance to us. Our Dental Practice implements recommended procedures to prevent cross infection and follows current Department of Health Technical Memorandum 01-05 recommendations for decontamination of equipment and premises. This means that we use disposable equipment whenever possible and that all other equipment is cleaned, inspected and sterilised in an appropriate autoclave, in a separate sterilising area. All equipment is serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions and to the required standards.

Patient Involvement and Suggestions

We believe that no matter the standard of your practice there is always room for improvement.
We ensure that patients have the relevant access to be able to make suggestions regarding our services throughout their journey with us. Alongside our in-house practice suggestion box we have automated online feedback emails and texts which are sent to patients.
We ensure that each patient that is registered at Aberdeen Dental receives a Practice Welcome Brochure. This contains important information about our services and information on the following policies:

  • Patient feedback handling policy
  • Out of hours service and advice
  • Patient information and how we store it
  • Cancellation procedure and terms and conditions.
  • Contact details and map of where we are located.

All complaints and suggestions are dealt with by the Practice lead Dr Avik Dandapat, who will endeavour to pursue any investigation to improve the services carried out at our practice.

Statement of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights

  • We recognise the principles of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights both for our patients and for our staff. All patients and staff members are treated with dignity and respect.
  • We do not discriminate and have policies to protect patients and staff from bullying, victimisation and harassment.
  • We have procedures in place to protect patients and raise concerns where needed in relation to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

Staff Recruitment and training

  • All Staff are recruited specifically for the role required, we ensure that they have the relevant qualifications needed to carry out their duties
  • Where applicable, staff are provided training annually to adhere to practice policy.
  • All clinical and non-clinical staff who are in contact with patients at Aberdeen Dental hold Criminal Records Bureau Checks as required


Practice lead & Contact details
Dr Avik Dandapat 
BDS(Birm), MFGDP(UK), Dip.Imp.Dent RCS(Eng), Adv.Cert RCS, MSc (Implant Dentistry) 

Practice Principal
Aberdeen Dental & Implant Centre
1-3 Church street, Aberdeen,
07561 851 507