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Replace A Single Missing Tooth

Don’t let a missing tooth affect your confidence – a dental implant offers a more permanent solution and gives a natural new look.

Replace A Missing or Failing Tooth in Aberdeen

If you have a missing tooth or a tooth that is in poor condition, it can affect your confidence. You may feel embarrassed, avoid smiling and talking to other people.

Whether your tooth is missing because it was badly decayed or damaged, there are several solutions to replace it. The Dental Implant Centre Scotland has helped hundreds of patients throughout Scotland including patients from Inverness and Perth.

As part of your personal treatment plan, we will have a consultation to examine your teeth and talk through some questions.

We will need to consider where your missing tooth is in your mouth – is it at the back or nearer the front where it is more noticeable?

We will conduct a thorough check on the health of your mouth and teeth. Are your remaining teeth in good condition? Do you want to replace any other teeth that might be failing?

What are the options for replacing a single missing tooth?

What are the options to replace a single missing tooth?

There are several options to replace a single missing tooth and the professional team at The Dental Implant Centre in Aberdeen can talk through the processes and benefits with you at your consultation.


The first option to replace one missing tooth is with a denture. Dentures are usually used to replace several missing teeth, but they can be used to replace just one tooth. The denture is made from a removable acrylic plate which fits over your gum and contains a natural looking false tooth.

The benefit of a denture is that it is quick and easy to fit. The disadvantage is that this is not a permanent option and in time, you may notice that your denture is uncomfortable, and it will need re-lining or replacing.

A dental bridge

If your adjacent teeth are healthy, a dental bridge can be used to replace one missing tooth. A custom-made prosthetic tooth is held in place as it is bridged to the neighbouring teeth. A bridge for a missing tooth is a permanent option and cannot be removed.

Single tooth dental implant

A dental implant is a permanent solution for a single missing tooth. The implant acts as your new tooth root and is embedded gently in your gum where it fuses with your jawbone. An abutment connects the dental implant to your custom-made dental crown which is your new tooth and visible in the gum.

With a dental implant, you don’t need to worry about removing your prosthetic tooth, cleaning or replacing it, the new tooth looks and functions just like your other teeth. Another advantage is that as the dental implant replaces your tooth root, it better preserves the bone as well as the health of your adjacent teeth.

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Our dentists bring at least 20 years’ experience to our practice, so you know you’ll be in safe hands when you put your trust in The Implant Centre at Aberdeen Dental.

Expect a friendly welcome, state-of-the-art equipment – including intra-oral scanners and 3D radiographs – and treatments with minimal downtime.


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How I-Smile Single Can Help with One Missing Tooth?

The i-Smile was created by a leading dental implantologist at The Dental Implant Centre in Aberdeen. The concept was introduced as a way of reducing the number of dental appointment times to fit dental implants for patients from Inverness, Perth and throughout Scotland.

With i-Smile, dental implants will be completed in a maximum of 7 appointments and surgical time will be a maximum of 2 hours.

At The Dental Implant Centre Scotland, we know that every patient is unique and therefore, so will every treatment plan.

As a guide, those patients who have a single missing tooth and are looking for a single dental implant, the process with i-Smile Single will involve fitting a single dental implant to either the upper or lower jaw.

Initially, you will then be given a temporary tooth that is attached to the dental implant. Your new permanent tooth will be custom-made and fitted to your dental implant at a later appointment.

Dental Implants Treatment Options


From £35.67 Per Month

We provide dental implant treatment for replacing a single tooth


From £71.34 Per Month*

We have dental implants treatment for multiple missing teeth


From £199.42 per Month

We offer treatment to replace all the teeth on your lower or upper jaw


We provide denture stabilisation using dental implant treatment