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If you have any questions or need assistance please call:  07561 851 507

We will provide a C.T. scan for your patients within 3 days of any referral.

Referred patients for C.T. scanning will be in no way or form allowed to gain opinions or consultations for any aspect of their dental treatment within the practice and procedures can only be carried out as stipulated by the referring dentist.

Justification for C.T. scanning will be required under IRME 2000.

Patients will be provided a less than 10 minute waiting time and will be treated professionally to allow a stress and anxiety free experience in our separate scanning suite. 

CT Data Referral Fees

Simplant Planner: £250.00

Simplant (including One shot ®): £550.00

Raw Data: £150.00

We provide our viewing software: F.O.C.


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