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Impression Free Dentistry

Impression Free Dentistry


Digital scans are more comfortable, and less intimidating than traditional impressions.

What is 3Shape TRIOS®?

The 3Shape TIOS is a cutting-edge intraoral scanner used to take highly-precise oral cavity digital impressions. The images obtained are turned into digital 3D model scans, which the dental office will send to a laboratory within a few minutes with the use of a Dental System.

The speed with which the images are sent to the laboratory: eliminates the need to check a physical model; and enables the dental appliance to be designed and manufactured in the quickest possible time.

How does the 3Shape TRIOS work?

The 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner works by taking hundreds or even thousands of three-dimensional images of the intraoral cavity. The easy-to-use scanner uses the 3Shape Ultrafast Sectioning technology to obtain over 3,000 two-dimensional (2D) & highly-accurate images in one second, which is 100 times quicker than the speed that conventional video cameras are capable of.

The cutting-edge design of the TRIOS scanner makes it possible for dentists to take highly-accurate images without sacrificing the patient’s comfort. The ergonomically-designed grip can easily be manoeuvred during the scanning procedure to obtain the most precise images, which can be captured without the need to place the scanner in awkward positions inside the mouth. The tip of the 3Shape TRIOS scanner can be cleaned using an autoclave to maintain optimal oral hygiene levels. This reversible scanner tip also works easily yet efficiently in taking images of the lower and upper jaws, as well as the teeth.


For increased comfort, reliability, and accuracy


The 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner takes images that are easily edited and manipulated to improve the three-dimensional image conceptualisation.

The dentist can use the scanner’s smart editing tools to make the necessary corrections before the images are sent to the laboratory, reducing the need to adjust the impressions.

The TRIOS Dental System enables the design and manufacturing of the dental appliance to be undertaken in the shortest amount of time, with the scans sent directly sent to the laboratory within minutes.

The revolutionary TRIOS technology makes it possible for a dental appliance to be created without the need for an actual impression of the dental cavity.

What benefits can patients get from the 3Shape Intraoral Scanner?

1) Improved comfort

The TRIOS intraoral scanner is designed to fit comfortably inside the mouth while images are taken. The ergonomically-designed scanner can easily be manoeuvred to take images of both the upper and the lower jaws (and teeth), without subjecting the patient to an awkward and uncomfortable experience. There is also no need to use a spray, which can increase the patient’s discomfort.

2) Improved fit of dental restoration

The highly-precise images taken by the scanner enable the creation of dental restorations corresponding to the patient’s specific mouth measurements. The result is a completely comfortable fit that can be enjoyed and used for a longer period of time.

3) Results are faster

It only takes a few minutes for the images taken by the scanner to be sent to the laboratory. With the 3Shape TRIOS scanner, there is no need for the patient to stay on the dental chair for a long period of time as the images of the oral cavity are taken.

4) Decreased number of dental visits

The high accuracy of the images obtained by the scanner results in fewer retakes, so the number of dental appointments can be reduced as well. This results to increased convenience and comfort for the patient, and may translate to reduced costs.

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